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General Contractor

In the current construction market, many projects are handled using the general construction bid-award method. Typically, a contractor will not be involved in the design or pre-construction phase of a project and is selected through a traditional bid process. Design Professionals, or sometimes an Owner's Representative, will issue a complete or near-complete set of bid drawings (construction documents) to a group of pre-qualified bidders. Those contractors are given a brief time period to generate competitive bids for each trade. At the conclusion of the bid phase, a general contractor is selected, using the competitive bid as a selection criterion, along with the contractor's experience, qualifications, and relationship with the owner.

The total compensation for a bid package usually includes the pricing for labor and materials, general conditions - which is typically comprised of the cost of project managers, superintendents, administrative assistants, field offices, safety measures, clean-up, and various other items, and the general contractor's fee, a percentage of the overall construction costs. The contractor, in this case, is hired to carry out the construction as specified in the construction documents and may provide value-engineering services once selected.

It is important to note that BERKS RIDGE has the flexibility to bid and select its own self-performing tradespeople if and when the pricing best benefits the client. BERKS RIDGE is certain to competitively price all trades as to ensure the most competitive pricing for its clients.

Below is a summary of BERKS RIDGE's services for General Construction:

Review of Contract Documents/Value Analysis
BERKS RIDGE will review construction documents, report any errors, inconsistencies and/or omissions and offer corrective recommendations as well as recommendations on methods, techniques, products and services that will improve the project and/or provide cost and saving without affecting the overall quality of construction.

Supervision and Construction Procedures/General Requirements
BERKS RIDGE will supervise, direct and coordinate all construction work and be responsible for all construction means, methods, techniques, and procedures.  This includes conducting weekly progress, conducting a Pre-Construction conference, and conduct a pre-contract closeout conference, review and certification of shop drawings, product samples and other submittals prior to submission, and the maintaining of quality control over subcontractors, suppliers, and manufacturers, products, services, site conditions, and workmanship.

We will prepare a project construction schedule that, as instructed in the project specifications, shall not exceed time limits under the contract documents, be revised at appropriate intervals and provide expedition and practical execution of the work.

Budget/Cost Reporting
BERKS RIDGE will monitor the approved estimate of construction cost, develop cash flow reports and forecasts, and advise our Clients as to variances between actual and budgeted costs, maintain accounting records of work, review and process applications by subcontractors for progress and final payments, review and certify the amounts due to respective subcontractors, and prepare progress and final payments to respective subcontractors.

Permits, Fees, and Notices
We will secure and pay for all permits and governmental licenses and inspections necessary for the proper execution and completion of the construction work, unless otherwise other provided in the contract documents.

Scope Summary - Divisions 2 through 17
With the highest standards for quality and performance and in a cost-effective manner, BERKS RIDGE will administer and execute the contract for construction and shall oversee and/or perform all work included in the contract documents and as defined in the technical specifications.

Upon substantial completion of work, BERKS RIDGE will prepare a list of incomplete or unsatisfactory items and a schedule for their completion. We will assist in conducting inspections of substantially complete work and shall coordinate the correction and completion of all work, recommend when the work is ready for final inspection and assist with final inspection. We will also perform and/or oversee final cleaning at the completion of work.


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