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Construction Management

At BERKS RIDGE, we take construction management seriously. We find Construction Management to be a very successful approach to a variety of construction needs. It is a dependable and proven way to ensure that clients receive high levels of service and quality while strict attention is paid to schedule and budget constraints.

Here, the construction manager provides the client with a Guaranteed Maximum Price. This price is agreed upon by the owner, owner's representative (if applicable), and the construction manager. In this scenario, the contractor is compelled to perform at the best of its abilities to ensure its compliance with budget and schedule. This situates the construction manager on the same side of the negotiation table as the owner, usually very early in the design stage. In this case, the construction manager will act as the owner's advocate at all times.
Typically, the construction manager will hold the contracts with subcontractors will administer these contract(s) and will create and oversee the project and construction schedules.

As Construction Manager, BERKS RIDGE offers the following services:

Team Building
We recognize that a "team" approach is often necessary and we stand ready to provide the necessary support to enable design consultants and other sub-consultants to meet their responsibilities as may be required by their contract.

Project Administration
We participate in all planning sessions necessary to establish and manage the project's organizational structure and lines of communication. We will interact closely with the project team to provide all necessary scheduling and estimating support. We establish project controls and procedures to ensure a smooth pre-construction and construction process, including site administration, direction of weekly job-site meetings, preparation of monthly reports, issuance of shop drawings, insurance compliance, management of subcontractors, coordination with the client and design consultant, field representatives and other related services.

We participate in all programming sessions and provide all necessary input relating to the impact of programming on phasing, schedule, construction means and methods, and logistics. We will provide development cost and schedule projections associated with programming and planning and assist the design consultant with the preparation of design criteria.

We will provide all necessary support to ensure that the approval process is efficient and that necessary local and state permits and Certificates of Occupancy are obtained consistent with the project's schedule requirements.

Schematic Design through Construction Documents
During these phases, we will participate in all design review meetings and provide all necessary input relating to the impact of the schematic design phase, the design development phase and the construction document phase, on phasing, schedule, construction means and methods and logistics. At the conclusion of the schematic design, design development and construction document phases, BERKS RIDGE will develop a detailed cost estimate and develop a schedule in order to establish or reconfirm the project benchmarks. BERKS RIDGE will also review and critique all plans and specifications developed to date.

Value Analysis
Value Analysis and estimating input will be provided continuously throughout the pre-construction process. BERKS RIDGE, with the assistance of the Design Professionals, will oversee all Value Analysis efforts throughout development. This process will continue until the project team is satisfied that the facility can be built according to budget, schedule and approved design criteria. At the completion of schematic design, design development and construction document phases, BERKS RIDGE will review documents produced for coordination and constructability issues.

Site Development Pre-Construction Services
We can assist you and your Design Professionals with all necessary site development and evaluation activities.

MEP Pre-Construction and Coordination Services
Working closely with your Design Professionals, we can help determine and furnish the most appropriate and cost-efficient MEP systems for your immediate and long-term needs.

We will manage the entire bidding process interacting closely with the Design Professionals. BERKS RIDGE will prepare for client approval proposed subcontractors and vendors for all components of the work. We will identify long-lead items and develop pre-purchase strategies to maintain the schedule. We will develop bid documents and analyze contractor bids for recommendation to the Client.

Field Observation
Be assured of our cooperation with the "team" to ensure that field observations are conducted in a safe and productive manner.

Cost Control
We provide all information regarding original/revised project budgets, projected costs and variances on a line item basis, including General Conditions, subcontracted costs, self-performed costs and changes. Our Clients can then make informed business decisions with regard to project expenditures. BERKS RIDGE will maintain a status of all projected costs, along with related cash flow requirements. Actual costs will be tracked against the approved budget and any variances will be investigated and reported to our Client. The monthly requisition for payment will be reviewed by our Client and the Design Professionals prior to disbursement of funds.

Schedule Control
We will provide all schedules necessary to monitor progress from start to finish. We will conduct and participate in all weekly schedule meetings. We not only report schedule status, but will provide input with regard to means of schedule recovery as necessary.

Change Orders
By closely monitoring the contingency and by creating an adequate reserve through the buy-out process, it is our goal that Change Orders can be eliminated or at least minimized. We accomplish this by establishing controls and diligently monitoring the process. We strive to resolve Change Order issues in an amicable manner and do so in a team-like atmosphere without adversarial overtones.

We will participate in all work sessions planning the move-in process. We will provide input with regard to the impact of schedule and logistics on the move (s).

We value the benefit of established procedures to facilitate the close-out process. We will participate in all work sessions and will manage the close-out process. Our goal will be to minimize the close-out period to the fullest extent possible.


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